Endicott College IHSA Team

Photo of Endicott Riding Team

Endicott has been competing in Zone 1 region 2 for five years after moving over from Zone 1 region 4, where Endicott was the president college of the region. Endicott has successfully qualified riders to compete at regionals against top seeded colleges in the country. From there, getting numerous riders to Zones and nationals. Stephanie Brightman coached the top cashione riders in the country to nationals as well. Many riders come to Endicott throughout the country to ride on this prestigious team. It takes a special type of trainer to take the less experienced equestrian to help them to achieve their goals. Stephanie Brightman and Spring Tide Farm had proved to be the perfect team.

Photo of Susan and Stepanie

Stephanie attributed much of her success at Endicott College to Susan Koso, former director of human resources at Endicott College. Susan has made a name for herself outside of Endicott College in the competitive driving world. She is a USEF judge and technical delegate, among other things in her spare time. She is also the point secretary for region 2 and pats secretary for region 4. Her official title is assistant coach for the Endicott riding team. Susan has retired as of the end of 2015/2016 season and she will be missed!

As of 2014-15 season, Stephanie Brightman retired her role as the Endicott College Equestrian head coach. As of the fall season of 2015-16, Bethany Jones was selected by Endicott College, with Stephanies blessing, to take over the head coach position. In Bethanys first season, she led the team to several reserve champions and competed through Zone Finals.

Bethany and STF help host one college show per year at Spring Tide Farm. The Endicott College team also assists the IEA Spring Tide team host their show as well.

STF is looking forward to announcing a new assistant coach for the Endicott Team in the fall season.

Photo of Endicott Riding Team